In the United States, PACs are allowed to donate up to $5000 to political candidates each year. Many big tech companies have their own PAC and donate the maximum allowed. These donations are visible in the public record, so I looked up some of them. Pick your company above and check it out!

Didn't realise the company you worked for was doing this? Don't think that your company should have a PAC? Make your voice heard!


 Everyone else is doing it, why shouldn't we?
Actually, is doing just fine without a PAC.

 But $MY_COMPANY donates to $SOMEONE as well!
Two wrongs don't make a right. If they didn't have a PAC at all this wouldn't be a problem.

 Why are all the donations so... small?
Legal limits on how much PACs can donate.

 Can I dig in more?
Absolutely! Check out the FEC pages (linked from each company), or

 How can I help?
Pull requests gratefully accepted, particularly to add more companies! Or just ping me.