Did you know that Google has a PAC which donates money to various US candidates? Including:

  • $6000 to Ted Cruz. Yes, that Ted Cruz, the climate change denier who wants to cut Planned Parenthood funding because "we don't have a rubber shortage in America".
  • $9000 to John Barrasso, who received $585,000 from the oil and gas industry and then signed a letter supporting the US withdrawal from the Paris agreement.
  • $1000 to Mitch McConnell (yes, that one), who blocked Garland's nomination to the supreme court and then used the nuclear option to nominate Gorsuch. Oh, and he signed the Paris letter too.
  • $10000 to Blake Farenthold ("mr ducky pyjamas"), who settled his sexual harassment lawsuit with tax dollars and claimed on CNN that the Democratic Party email hack was an "inside job".
  • $1500 to Marco Rubio who not only has an A rating from the NRA, but has also received a 0% rating from the HRC for supporting LGBTQ-friendly legislation in the 114th congress.

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